20th century has brought many changes but one of its evident changes is in games. Technology has brought the outdoor games on your computer. People have become addictive of these games nowadays. Whether its being sports, arcade or quiz, now all are available on your computer. One of the amazing categories of the games is quiz. It is an excellent exercise of your mind which increases your thinking power.

One of such amazing quiz game is Impossible Quiz 1. It is an all time hit flash game. It is the first game introduced by Splapp-Me-Do in this series. As the name says, this quiz is really impossible. It gives you a roller coaster ride of questions. Some of which may make sense but some are the crazy type questions which may make sense to someone else.

Impossible Quiz 1DESCRIPTION:

This is not a normal quiz game. It gives you a task or question followed by four options. You have to select one of the correct answers. It might sound easy and simple to you but do not get confused with its simple presentation. Because its questions are made with keeping this slogan in mind ‘think outside the box’. So many of its questions have double meanings, can be solved with tricks. So before playing this quiz start thinking differently. As Splapp has the history of giving surprises to test your reflexes and skills. So this game is also an interesting test of your skills and brain.


Rules are very simple like all other quizzes. You have three lives i.e. you are allowed to give only three wrong answers. Fourth wrong answer is the end of game. It contains 110 questions which you have to answer in one go with only three chances. As the game continues you will receive skips through which you can skip any question if you do not know the answer. These skip power-ups are green arrows. Try not to use them at early stage because later stages will get tougher. Some question have bombs, they have timer of 11 seconds. If you do not answer the questions before the end of timer then it will blast and you will immediately lose the game. Since it is a flash game therefore be careful and keep your finger away from the TAB button because pressing TAB key is prohibited in the game.

So start this crazy ride of mind-boggling questions which will make you think out of the box and enhances your mind power.